Forum Syd works together with over 300 partner organisations and 149 member organisations to jointly contribute to a more just and sustainable world. On this page, you can read testimonials from our partners and members, and find links to their respective websites.

Voices about Forum Syd

Annika Ramsköld, Vice President Sustainability, Vattenfall

“I appreciate the open dialogue Vattenfall and Forum Syd have established, which also develops us as an organisation. Forum Syd has helped us better understand the complex situation in Colombia, and enabled us to reach out to the civil society in Colombia. With Forum Syd’s support and knowledge, we have been able to put well-informed and relevant demands on our suppliers.”

Yaroslav Bekish, Co-ordinator, Green Network

“Forum Syd consistently supports the Belarusian civil society in all its manifestations, doing it responsibly, avoiding formalism on the one hand and on the other hand not dictating and imposing working methods to local partners. With Forum Syd’s support, many Belarusian civil society actors has not only realised their plans, but also significantly developed on an organisational level and acquired the ability to perform better analyses.”

Charlotta Norrby, Head of the Civil Society Unit, Sida

“Forum Syd is a very important and appreciated partner to Sida in the implementation of the new Civil Society strategy which runs from 2016-2022. Through Forum Syd’s work a multiplicity of organisations both in Sweden and in developing countries are given an opportunity to engage in development co-operation. This is a precondition to reach the vision of a pluralistic civil society.”

Anna-Paula Jonsson, Project Manager, Business Sweden

“”With its robust processes and broad network among the Swedish-Somali diaspora, Forum Syd has contributed to the successful development of the Swedish-Somali Business Programme (SSBP). Forum Syd’s way of working has been flexible and alert, which has enabled the programme to develop and improve at a fast pace. With Forum Syd’s local knowledge and presence in Somalia, Business Sweden looks forward to a continued co-operation, increased knowledge about business opportunities in Somalia, and a good working relationship with the financed entrepreneurs.” 

Fuad M. Sharif, Programme Manager, Embassy of Sweden, Kenya

“While it is widely known that Forum Syd is an important actor in the work to promote civil society organisations globally, it is probably not as acknowledged that Forum Syd works to foster sustainable business to create jobs for poor women and youth so that they can overcome poverty. A typical example of this is the Swedish-Somali Business Programme (SSBP). The programme, which is unique in its set up, aims to create leverage by stimulating diaspora investments in Somalia and through that create conditions for sustainable entrepreneurship in the country.”

Tina Nummi-Södergren, General Secretary, MyRight 

“Forum Syd specifically supports participation and organisation for poor and marginalised groups. MyRight is happy to contribute to the diversity within Forum Syd. Being part of this umbrella constitutes a remarkable opportunity to exchange experiences, which later on can be used in our own development co-operation. Co-operating with Forum Syd enables us to develop our global efforts in continuously defending the human rights of people living with disabilities, and their families.”


Khadra Warsame Jama, Chairlady, Puntland Women Association (PWA)

“Forum Syd has a unique approach to empowering marginalised people to claim their human rights and control their own development paths. We as Puntland Women Association have with the support from Forum Syd engaged the issue of partnership between authorities and civil society organisations to create a greater understanding of the role of men in working for gender equality and not being perpetrators of violence.”


Carina Eriksson, President, Quandil

“Forum Syd provides great support for Qandil in our development as a Swedish not-for-profit organisation with aid operations in a war zone. Forum Syd is a strong and important actor in promoting civil society in many countries. Forum Syd’s great work has conclusive significance for peaceful global development and in the work to eliminate poverty.”

Member organisations

Forum Syd’s membership base comprises 149 Swedish civil society organisations, all of which work to make a global difference. Below is a full list of our members.

A World of Friends, Sweden

Afar Friends in Sweden
Africa Groups of Sweden

African Care & School
Afro-europeiska Riksförbundet
Afrosvenskarnas Riksförbund
Afs Interkulturell Utbildning
Aid Galcad
Albanska Föreningars Union i Sverige
Amazonasföreningen i Härryda

Arkitekter Utan Gränser

Barnfonden insamlingsstiftelse
BLLF Sweden – Front mot slaveri
Biskops-Arnö High School
Bishozi International projects

Centerpartiets Internationella stiftelse

Clowner utan gränser
Colchaj Nac Luum

Daryeel Association

Ecpat Sverige
Emmaus Björkå
Emmaus Stockholm

Fair Action
Friends of the Earth Sweden

Fjärde Världen
Future Earth
Färnebo Folk High School
Föreningen för folkbildning och frihet – Eduardo Madariaga
Föreningen för Re/Habilitering och Utveckling
Föreningen för SUS-kvinnoprojekt i Bangladesh
Föreningen Palmeras vänner

Föreningen SOFIA
Föreningen Urfolk

Global Learning

Hand in Hand Sweden
Hiiraan Rehabilitation and Development Organisation
HMR – Förening för hälsa och mänskliga rättigheter
Horn of Africa Development Association

Immigranternas riksförbund
Ingenjörer utan Gränser
Intacts vänner
Internationella Kvinnoförbundet
Internationella Kvinnoförbundet för Fred och Frihet
IOGT-NTO Rörelsens Internationella Institut

Iransk-Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen i Malmö
Islamic Relief Sverige

Jakobsbergs folkhögskola
Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation (JLOF)


Karibu Sweden Association
Kids Future
Klimataktion Stockholm
Kultur och Idrottsföreningen Liria
Kvinnor för Fred

Latina-Latinamerikanska Kooperationsföreningen
Liberia Dujar Association

Masalit Association in Sweden
Médecins du Monde Sweden
Midnimo IF
My Right

Nordisk hjälp

Organisationen Fair Trade Återförsäljarna


Pan Asia Cooperation Society (PACS)
Peacequest International
Peaceworks Sweden
Perukommittén för mänskliga rättigheter
Pharmacists without Borders
Plan International Sweden
Positiva Framtidsvisioner
Praktisk Solidaritet


Rain Forest Society

Salvadoranska riksförbundet, Amoar
Samerådet svenska sektionen
Schools for the Future
Self-Management, org. för nykooperation i u-land
Sensus Study Association
Serbiska Riksförbundet
Serbiska Ungdomsförbundet i Sverige
Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet
Solidarity Sweden-Latin America
Somali Gabooye Förening
Somali Intellektuell Banadir Förening

Somalia International Rehabilitation Centre
Somaliland förening i Malmö
Somaliland Nordic Relief
SOS Children’s Villages Sweden
Sri Lankas Barns Vänner
Studiefrämjandet, Riksförbundet
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
Stödföreningen för Martaskolan
Suryoyo Hjälpfonden
Sustainable Culture Africa
Sweden Liberia Cooperative
Swedish Development Forum (FUF)
Swedish Development Partner (IM)
Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC)
Swedish Mount Elgon Association
Swedish Pentecostal churches (PMU)
Swedish Social Workers without Borders
Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture
Svenska Aralsjösällskapet
Svenska Bahai-samfundet
Svenska Palestinakommittén
Svensk-Litauiska Riksföreningen
Svensk-Somaliska Vänföreningen
Svensk-Tanzaniska Föreningen
Synskadades Riksförbund